We are very excited for our upcoming workshop:



Two NW Tiny House Companies collaborate to share two different

design and construction approaches: Simple VS Elaborate ; Stick framed VS SIP Panels ; New Trailer VS Used Trailer ; Store Bought VS Salvaged Materials

Join us for two full days of learning Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th!

You’ll receive expert knowledge AND hands on skill building practice!

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We will feature multiple presenters including the owners of two of the Northwest’s premier Tiny House Companies,

Artisan Tiny Houses, (Vancouver WA) and Art Barn Tiny Houses (Eugene OR)

Patrick Sughrue

Patrick Sughrue is the owner of Artisan Tiny Houses in Vancouver Washington. He is also the author of the book, “Building Your Moveable Tiny House with Mindfulness!” It covers many topics from costs to codes. We will, of course, have copies of this valuable resource of on hand. Be sure to also check out his website and especially his elegant Tiny House Design, “METRO”.

Shawn Stevens

The owner of Art Barn Tiny Houses, Shawn has been a general contractor in Portland and now Eugene since 1996. He is and old world craftsman in the truest sense of the word bringing together his knowledge of Post and Beam construction, historical renovation, and remodeling design as well as his handmade artwork in the form of wood carving, blacksmithing, welding, and stained glass to create his Tiny House designs wich are full of unique character. Shawn is able to pull out the natural beauty of wood, creating serene and nurturing spaces as is the case within his popular tiny house design, “FINNISH GYPSY”!



You’ll receive a detailed workshop booklet that goes over the topics we discuss in our presentations and hand-on exercises! It includes the following topics:

Avoidable Pitfalls Checklist

  • This list includes the main legal and health considerations you need to keep in mind when building your house. You’d be surprised how many folks miss these essential requirements. In addition to legal requirements we will also give you tips on how to choose materials that will stand the test of time.

Tips for Successful Design

  • If you follow this list, the odds of a beautiful and functional design will be in your favor. It won’t matter if you are getting your materials new, recycled, or thrifted so long as you keep in mind these basic design techniques.

  • During our 2 hr Design intensive, you will receive a Tiny House Design Packet including a scaled image of a tiny house trailer on which you will be able to create you own design with oversight and helpful hints from two tiny house designers.

  • avoiding tiny house design pitfalls.

  • ladders, stairs, kitchen, and bathroom design.

  • door and window, placements and limitations

A Step-by-Step Guide for Putting Your Shell Together (Two Approaches)

  • When your in the midst of building you want the process to flow as easily as possible. This guide will help you by laying the steps out clearly!

  • You’ll learn from Shawn how to build a rock solid stick built frame that is weather proof and can withstand the forces and movement of road travel. This approach can save you the most money but requires more carpentry experience and time.

  • Patrick Sughrue will tell us about energy efficient SIP panels! An extremely energy efficient construction method that is both affordable and fast. Costs a bit more but goes up in two days with minimal construction skills needed.

  • Siding, Roofing, Insulation, Doors, windows, appliances, propane, solar, etc. etc. etc.

Composting Toilet FAQ

  • Is a 5 gallon bucket composting system smelly? Efficient? Legal? Safe? What is the difference between using a bucket versus its $900.00+ store bought composting toilet alternative? We’ll give you the scoop.


  • Tips for installing gray water systems

  • tank vs tankless water heaters.

  • Water filtration


  •  This is one area that is very difficult to fix after the house has been built. It is also one of the aspects of building a tiny house that we find people are most intimidated by. Let us demystify the intimidating world of electrical into a straight forward and attainable system.

Keeping Stress Low

  • Building a house when stressed can feel torturous. It can also put strain on relationships. If you manage your goals, finances, expectations and relationships from the get go you can save yourself a world of trouble. Utilize simple but effective preventative care so that you can actually enjoy your build. Half the fun of the Tiny House experience should be the journey in seeing your dream to fruition.

Using Financial Intelligence

  • We’ve worked with budgets of all sizes and have learned some good strategies. We’ll teach you how to create a practical, efficient plan that stands up throughout your build.


Hands on Lessons

  • Much of the workshop is devoted to hands on lessons and skill building. You will be practicing building and learning quality techniques. Get to know building materials and tools with two expert craftsmen with multiple decades of experience each!


You have some options in regards to where to stay. The upcoming May workshop will be taking place at the beautiful property, Tiny House Shop and personal Home of Patrick Sagrue in Norh Vancouver Washington just 15 miles from Portland OR . It’s a good opportunity to check out the work of our host Patrick as he has personally designed and built all of the buildings on site including a beautiful Post and Beam Home, the Artisan Tiny House Shop, and several out buildings. It’s truly a beautiful setting.

You can camp, car camp or bring your RV. We can provide 20amp electrical hookup for an RV (though no sewage or water). Please let us know by may 22nd if you will be needing an RV space or camping. All of the presenters are staying on site and we hope you will join us for some evening discussions ,music, and fun around the fire!


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We’re looking forward to seeing you this spring!